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Ringo on a tower crane in Co. Dublin, Ireland

Beginning in 1998, in the early days of the Celtic Tiger boom years, Ringo O’Rourke started operating cranes. The demand for crane personnel in those years was high however, it was often difficult to source the staff. Seeing an opportunity, Ringo set up a small company supplying himself and a few other operators to various construction sites nationwide. By 2004 when the tiger was in full flight the company had a constant 50+ personnel working on construction sites throughout Ireland. By 2009 Ringo’s company had branched out to construction sites across the U.K., most of those were in London and the surrounding areas. 

Now with the return to prosperity in Ireland, the demand for crane drivers has increased. The Crane Gang Ltd. and Ringo himself can again supply crane operators and personnel to the construction industry in an easy and convenient way. 

The Crane Gang Ltd. sources approved operators with the relevant C.S.C.S safety passes and qualifications. Our comprehensive list of drivers are available for work nationwide and can be booked to suit your project schedule. We simplify the process of sourcing your operators.